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Natural forces can beat me, but the power of technology will not fall in front.
With "no change is equivalent to the dead", that prompted their own for a day learn new knowledge and new technologies to make up for the inadequacies of their own efforts. Strong sense of responsibility will not give up easily.3 years, the Internet, advertising-related planning and design experience. With good aesthetics and design, active thinking, rigorous logic, there is a better language skills and writing skills, illustrated by way of good, clear, vivid expression of creative ideas or describe products.
Human-friendly, friendly, get along well with colleagues, doing serious, studious, work perfect.
I have a solid foundation in English, with excellent English speaking ability, be proficient in communicating with foreigners, a good English translation and literacy, competent English-speaking work environment.
Proficient in Photoshop, Flash, Illustrator and other mainstream design software and Office suite of software4 years of large real estate companies listed in Hong Kong investor relations experience (Investor Relations), to understand capital markets and the operation of the real estate market, a financial and real estate-based compound talents. In addition, management has accumulated a lot of experience, set up to develop the team, investor relations, corporate affairs and corporate finance work in three areas. Own Personalized Wedding Card I have a strong customer communication skills and development capabilities; flexibility to adapt to different environments; have a good team spirit; good business ability and mental qualities, and keen to market the organization, management and planning; establish active and effective communication channels, coordinating internal and external relations; optimistic and enterprising character, a high degree of responsibility and a high degree of professionalism, dry line, love line.I am honest integrity, proactive attitude, a strong sense of responsibility for work, able to withstand the pressures, there is good communication skills and team spirit. More than ten years of work experience, out of interest in information technology, so far this has been in the IT field for over eight years in technical, through their own continuous learning and practic has given me more than others the opportunity to solve problems facing difficulties:
1, independent operation and maintenance of more than 1000 nodes in large-scale network management experience.Choosing Flowers By Season
2, hundreds of linux / unix server's daily operation and maintenance and emergency experience.
In recent years, more focus on unix /Wedding Planning cleverjoe linux network operation and maintenance of large-scale technology and management, used redhat, centos, debian / gun linux, solaris, suse and other platforms, with a barrier between these platforms to deploy apache , samba, mysql, oracle , sybase and other applicationsBest Wedding Venue ; successful deployment of platform-based network traffic monitor unix environment (MRTG) and network service monitoring (NAGIO), Postfix mail system, LVS server clusters; also have strong written documentation ability is magazine magazines, websites and other media writer.

the performance appraisal every six months are in excellent

I am now working for the International PayPal (PayPal) corporate account manager, key customers with more than five years of management experience in the Internet, e-commerce and online payments and has a wealth of experience, and online payment risk control protection has a profound knowledge and understanding. From 2008 entry date, the performance appraisal every six months are in excellent (Exceed Some ) above, the year 2010 appraisal for the excellent (Exceed Most), and because the 2008 PayPal outstanding and the performance of Blue Moon won the award. In the fast moving consumer goods industry has been nearly two years of sales management experience, including a year as a key accounts department of supermarkets, sales director, successfully completed the 04-05 fiscal year sales and profit targets. I have a solid background in marketing and sales, wedding cakes lilycommunication and coordination aspects of the client has more experience, to quickly integrate into the team, there is a strong sense of responsibility. Proficient in MS Office and SPSS data collation and analysis.I am positive, willing to work hard, there is a strong sense of dedication and organizational skills, have a good team spirit, love of the communications industry, familiar with the phone system testing, field testing process and understand the communication protocols and air interface signaling messages, and have good communication skills, coordination and team spirit.
Professional skills and expertisepretty Wedding Bouquet
Testing experience, many times to lead the test team to complete the test project: from initial project feasibility and risk assessment, needs analysis; involved in development and design review; test planning, test case framework and the actual use case writing; test reports and bug sorting analysis; test plan to adjust, use case updates, to the final project summary. Also with a test group has been to Italy, the Russian foreign projects completed field tests.Ten years of industrial enterprises, international marketing and foreign trade automotive experience, is very familiar with import and export business processes Wedding Dresses With Modern Twists (customs, law review, logistics, etc.), international settlement, international joint ventures and capital operation; good quality, honest man , responsible for the work, diligent and efficient.Professional skills and expertise
10 years of industrial enterprises, international marketing and foreign trade automotive experience, is very familiar with import and export business processes (customs, law review, logistics, etc.),wedding dress details andy international settlement, international joint ventures and capital operation; have good quality, honest man , responsible for the work, diligent and efficient.

Familiar with the machining process and quality control

12 years of work experience: 2 production management experience; 2 years mechanical design experience, 5 years quality management experience, 3 years experience in procurement management; 
Familiar with the machining process and quality control;
 ISO/TS16949 quality management system internal audit staff, training N times, familiar with quality management system in the five principles and applications of the tool;
 led a company's quality team, the company established over two ISO/TS16949 quality management system, the establishment of a company's procurement management processes and management systems;
 Excellent oral and written English and ability to interpret;;
 Good leadership and team spirit.I am in school as a senior campus Unicom pioneer, market analysis and I am very interested in marketing, hoping to have extraordinary as ...
I do things seriously, stamina, resistance! Scientific thinking, there is an inquisitive mind!
Professional skills and expertiseWonderful Wedding Favor Ideas
I have a solid knowledge of the chemical basis of engineering drawing, chemical principles, chemical process to have a deeper understanding! And proficiency in the operation of experimental apparatus!
I am in the school period, like e-commerce, e-commerce knowledge of the professional technical education even more than people who have to understand much; I also studied the PS, DW, CAD. And analysis of the market has some talentWedding Favor Ideas , the overall perception of ability, learn to grasp the details, identify problems and analyze issues particularly strong.I am optimistic, cheerful, diligent, serious and responsible, pro-active.
With a three-year business / administrative assistant work experience, familiar with the delivery control process, familiar with modern business management, administrative systems, proficiency in office software,Delicate Wedding Favors have good writing skills and logical thinking, the pursuit of perfection, and actively communicate with others to coordinate and handle all kinds of relationships, http://forum.rosaceesetcie.comand has strong organizational skills and team spirit. The work environment has a strong bility to adapt and respond to, Wedding Favor Ideas compression capability, able to accept the constant challenge.

Monday, July 12, 2010


Rich experiences in application development,tech-support,management of R&D team.With the development of my knowledge,lacoste polo shirts my comprehensive capacity’s been improved through hard working. I’m eager to pursue new opportunities to perfect myself.Therefore:
★Be familiar with Product development & application & service.
★Efficiently resolvingpolo shirts problems and handling complex situations.
★Creative and brave enough to face challenges and difficulties.
★Good communication skills & negotiation ability.
Career Objective:
To seek a challenge career at a multicultural or an internationalized corporation. Be eager to make a success with you together.I am an active, responsible person with good communication skill. I have 9 years accounting career in Multinational Corporation,ed hardy trousers related to AR,AP,CS and GL section. Good skill in ENCORE ed hardy underwear、SAP & MAGNITUDE etc. financial software. ed hardy hoodiesI would like to working under pressure. Who Am I?
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Have responsible for facility cost saving

Have 15 years experience on facility system management.
-Establish PM and tracking WO for discreting improvement equipment efficiency.
-Lead and FAT (final acceptance nike tntest) and debug for facility system (power station; air-condition 10K particle environment system, Oil free air-compressor, ISDN and WWS system).ed hardy clothes -Have responsible for facility cost saving.
-Have strongly troubleshooting skill.
-Leadership for team cooperation
Career Objective:
equipment dept manager
Have 15 years experience on facility system management.
-Establish PM and tracking WO for discreting improvement equipment efficiency.
-Lead and FAT ed hardy shirts(final acceptance test) nfl football jerseysand debug for facility system (power station; air-condition 10Ked hardy particle environment system, Oil free air-compressor, ISDN and WWS system).
-Have responsible for facility cost saving.
-Have strongly troubleshooting skill.
-Leadership for team cooperation
Career Objective:
equipment dept managerstream
Computer Technology

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

No Dismissal in Terror Case on Claim of Torture in Jail

A federal judge in Manhattan declined on Monday to dismiss charges against a man accused in a terrorism case whose lawyers claimed his rights were violated when he was tortured in secret jails run by the Central Intelligence Agency.The defendant, Ahmed Khalfan Ghailani, has been charged with conspiring in the 1998 bombings of two American embassies in East Africa. The attacks, which were carried out by Al Qaeda, killed 224 people. Mr. Ghailani later worked as a bodyguard for Osama bin Laden, the authorities have said.
After Mr. Ghailani was captured in 2004, he was held in the C.I.A.’s so-called black sites until 2006, when he was transferred to the naval base at Guantánamo Bay, Cuba. Last year, he became the first Guantánamo detainee moved into the civilian court system for trial.Although details of his treatment while in C.I.A. custody are classified, he has said in court papers that he was subjected to cruel “enhanced interrogation techniques.” His lawyers say that his treatment was unquestionably “torture,” and argued that the techniques were so “shocking to our traditional sense of justice” that charges should be dismissed on grounds of “outrageous governmental conduct.”“Indeed, while it is rare to find a case that is ‘so outrageous’ to warrant the ultimate sanction of dismissal,” his lawyers wrote, “if this is not such a case, then what is?”
But the judge, Lewis A. Kaplan of Federal District Court, ruled that Mr. Ghailani’s treatment while he was being detained had no relation to his court case.
“Even if Ghailani was mistreated while in C.I.A. custody and even if that mistreatment violated the due process clause,” the judge wrote, “there would be no connection between such mistreatment and this prosecution.”Judge Kaplan added that prosecutors should not be deprived of the opportunity to prove Mr. Ghailani’s guilt through the use of evidence “wholly untainted” by government misconduct.
“Any remedy for any such violation must be found outside the confines of this criminal case,” the judge said. The judge made no finding on whether Mr. Ghailani was tortured or otherwise mistreated.
In opposing dismissal of the charges, federal prosecutors have said there are more appropriate remedies to redress “the alleged government misconduct.”“Neither the manner by which a defendant is brought to court for prosecution nor the conditions of his confinement prior to that prosecution are valid grounds for dismissal of an indictment,” the United States attorney’s office wrote. Prosecutors have already said they will not use at trial statements Mr. Ghailani made while he was in detention.
The Ghailani prosecution has been seen as significant because it has raised issues that could resurface if the government ultimately brings Khalid Shaikh Mohammed or other high-profile detainees to trial in civilian court.
The judge has not yet ruled on a motion by Mr. Ghailani’s lawyers seeking dismissal of charges on grounds that his detention violated his speedy-trial rights. Mr. Ghailani has pleaded not guilty.Lawyers for Mr. Ghailani and a spokeswoman for the government declined to comment. Who Am I?
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Have good communication skills

1)1year working experience, 2 years internship experience;2)have a good command of English and Computer;3)the flat iron shop or usthe flat iron shop for us Have good communication skills, management and organization skills, and time sensibility etc..12hot cheap prom dresses4)A good leader, 12hot cheap prom dresseswho once led a team sucessfully finished a project and received positive feedback from the manager.5)custom made prom dresses Strong perseverance and self study ability;custom made prom dresses Strong logic thinking ability; Honest and good team work spirit; Initiative and self-motivated; Independent and result oriented